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I would like to give my sincerest thanks to Tucson and the surrounding areas for supporting OPW Surveying throughout the years.  Due to my retirement, OPW Surveying will no longer be taking on any new work.  If you would like some other surveyor contacts, please email me at opwsurveying@comcast.net


Existing clients can still contact me at opwsurveying@comcast.net regarding their projects.


Thank you.


--Chris Morrison

Welcome to OPW Surveying, LLC.  Chris Morrison, RLS #26928, Owner


I offer a complete line of survey services for homeowners, engineers, architects, and contractors. Please contact me by email or phone for estimates and inquiries. I have over 30 years of surveying experience and will work quickly and accurately to meet your surveying needs.

Property survey:  The most common survey, this is for the typical homeowner.  We search for any existing corners, confirm that the ground measurements match the recorded distances and angles, set missing corners as needed and mark the property lines.  We then draw the survey and provide copies to the client.


Site plans: A more detailed version of the Property survey, this plan can show a range of detail, from the location of the house on the lot to a fully detailed drawing including the house, walls, fences, driveways, utilities, vegetation, ...   Details will vary to meet each client's particular needs.


Boundary survey:  Normally for undeveloped land, this survey will include finding any existing property corners, setting any missing corners and marking the property lines.  A final drawing with the dimensions of the lot and descriptions of the corners will be provided.  The survey frequently requires filing a Record of Survey.


Topographic survey:  We can create a contour map of your property.  Smaller parcels can be surveyed manually, larger parcels usually require aerial photography.  The needs of each type of survey would be addressed before the field work.


FEMA Elevation certificate:  Many insurance companies require an elevation certificate for flood insurance.  A careful measurement of your home's elevation will determine if it is outside the FEMA floodplain boundaries.


Minor Land Division: Do you want to split you existing lot into 2-5 lots?  This might be the survey for you.  Different jurisdictions have different requirements.  Some preliminary inquiries are necessary before proceeding with this type of survey.


Custom home layout: We coordinate with the builder and architect to stake property lines, setbacks, building envelopes, open space restrictions and house corners for construction.


Encroachments:  Sometimes things get built in the wrong place: a wall or fence over the property line, or a driveway that cuts across a property corner.  You may have a question regarding new nearby construction.  Get a survey to find out if there is a problem.  If so, we can help to provide a resolution.


Legal descriptions:  Buying or selling a portion of a parcel?  Giving an easement to a neighbor or utility company?  We will write the legal description and provide an accompanying drawing to record as needed for your transaction.


ALTA Survey:  Typically for commercial lots, this is a very detailed survey requiring a title report.  The survey shows all relevant easements, improvements, utilities, parking, adjacent properties and other information based on the requirements of an ALTA/NSPS survey.


OPW Engineering surveys:  When OPW Engineering closed in 2009, we retained approximately 90% of existing drawings in .pdf or AutoCAD format.  If you're looking for an old OPW Engineering drawing, contact us and we'll be happy to see if it's available.